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"A well-balanced and well-informed book...written with a lot of love and insight...special and enlightening."--Leonardo Music Journal

"An enjoyable read, rooted in the concrete description of how pop music is produced...a valuable collection of ideas pulled together into a coherent narrative." --Grooves

"A rather well-paced account of the history of music production, written in an inviting style."  --Popular Music

"An in-depth examination of seminal producers...along the way he provides a thorough history of the evolution of modern recording technology. Summing Up: Recommended."--Choice

"A first-rate inside view of how gifted producers have changed the way we create and consume music.This book is essential for anyone who cares about how music has changed in the last thirty years." --DJ Spooky

"Considers both instrumentation and mix placement in ways that allow for a deeper appreciation both of what one is hearing and of how the mix is crucial to the specificity of that hearing." --Current Musicology

"The author gives technically very precise, yet also readable analyses of the music he discusses. The very knowledgable discussion of the various tracks make this book especially fun to read." --Interface (Holland)




The Producer As Composer (MIT Press)

excerpts here