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new double release:

no business as usual (cd) +

five ideas about the relation of sight and sound (dvd)

(Hinterzimmer 17)

Detroit per Se
No Business As Usual, Fifth Movement

"“What sounds, what unparalleled intensity and precision! Impressive…one is captivated by the physicality, the idiosyncratic energy, the structure of the sounds” "   Neue Zürcher Zeitung

“Beautiful, complex, impressive”   Radio France




Distractions On The Way To The King's Party (Cuneiform Rune 56)           The Temperature In Hell Is over Three Thousand Degrees (Tzadik 7026)          

Things You Must Do to Get to Heaven (Innova 664)


No Warning   Wish I'd Thought Of It Sooner       Arrival of the Crows
  The Temperature In Hell Is Over 3,000 Degrees, Fourth Movement            

"Studied yet surprising, brainy yet bloodthirsty. Virgil Moorefield sets a horn section against a trio of fine, fiery guitarists."   Guitar Player

"Gives an impish, dissonant spin to a big band sound...variety, forward drive, and a sharp wit."  New York Times

    "What made the performance absorbing was its easy, confident compromise between composition and improvisation.The music always had a sense of forward motion and free invention; you could hear these excellent musicians listening to one another." New York Times                                 



"Full of inventive gestures and unorthodox timbral juxtapositions. **** ½." -All Music Guide

"Brings together ambient electronics, alluring microtonal slides and earthy rhythmic pulsation that packs a direct emotional kick." -Detroit Free Press

scores in pdf format:

Siamese Kits, Joined At The Kick (for two drummers, 2003)

studio recording: drumming

Things You Must Do To Get To Heaven

No Warning (from Distractions, 1994)
1. Five On Six

2. Crosstalk

3. Eightball In The Corner Wormhole
4. Sixteen Sesterces   Wish I'd Thought Of It Sooner (from 3,000 Degrees,1997/2004)